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Nature as a Therapist: Love Your Planet!

Wherever you are on the planet, know that Mother Nature has something spectacular in store for you in your particular "neck of the woods"!

Literally, "from sea to shining sea", we are surrounded by beauty and serenity - if we avail ourselves more often, that is.

A snow-covered plain, a redwood forest, a serene creek, a rumbling waterfall, a cabin on a lake, a dog beach with fresh ocean air sweeping through your thoughts, a pond in your backyard - these are all great examples of nature beckoning as even the most inviting and warmhearted therapist can't.

You have done it all - telehealth, office health, clinics, doctors, 12 steps, support groups, workbooks, blog pages upon blog pages, breathing exercises, progressive relaxation, counting to ten...

All great, but not quite as immediate in their therapeutic relief as communing with nature, with the elements, with all of Creation.

Let's push back on the pandemic blues by stepping out, whenever possible, safely, into your favorite natural setting!

Let's get some fresh air, some rejuvenating outdoor vibes, along with some sunlight! Jaw-dropping sunsets that blow our mind, here we come to meet you!

Hey, so where are those walking shoes you bought?


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